Suenos Artisanal Chocolate

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Suenos Artisanal Chocolate

Sept 11, 19, 25 | Oct 2, 9, 16, 23, & 3

Direct importer of fine Ecuadorian cacao


We are thrilled to offer the finest quality Nacional variety cacao directly imported from Puerto Quito, Ecuador at a fair price for farmers. The flavor profile of this exceptional cacao is defined by its floral notes and lack of bitterness. We hope that you enjoy the aromas and flavors of this cacao as much as we do.

One of the farms: 5km from the town of Puerto Quito is Finca Sueños. Here, Yamile Roldan grows rare Nacional variety heirloom cacao beneath the shade of native rainforest trees using biodynamic cultivation methods. From this farm, Yamile and local chocolatiers process their unique, small-batch artisanal chocolates with love and reverence for each other and the natural world.

Owner is a biologist and big fan of food. Committed to celebrating rare crop plant varieties, and producing exceptional chocolate that is sustainable and healthy for both the growers and the natural environment.
Currently in Boston, Massachusetts. Shipping from Boston, Massachusetts and directly sourcing from small, biodynamic farms in Puerto Quito, Ecuador that are part of the Heirloom Cacao Project