Grateful Tastes

Grateful Tastes

Lowell, Massachusetts | email: | 978-758-7748

PREORDER, go to our website and pick out the flavors you want.
Email us your order by Thursday night.
DATES: JUNE 12 & 19, JULY 3, 17, & 31, AUGUST 14 & 28, SEPTEMBER 25, OCTOBER 9 & 23
We have a list of flavors to choose from on our website, then send us an email with your full name, what products you would like, and note pick up at the Winchester Farmers Market. We will have them ready at the market for you to pick up & buy at our tent.

Grateful Tastes, a family company, has set the mission of bringing delicious, American-grown produce from all seasons and harvests, coast to coast, into our customers’ homes. Our intent is to not only supply the assurance of safety and proper care, but also the story of how each product came to be, from field, mountain, valley, or family farm, to your table.

We hope you come to enjoy our classic and seasonal flavors, made with the time-honored preservation practices of our family.

Jellies: in stock (100g/3.53oz size available,
Jams: in stock (100g/3.53oz size available),
Preserves (100g/3.53oz size available),

Any Single Jar $6
Any Two Jars $10
Any Five Jars $20
Whole Case of Jars. $48

Grateful Tastes
Jellies, Jams, Preserves