Blisspoint Meadery

Blisspoint Meadery

Started by Tewksbury native Jeff Venuti, the company pro­duces mead, a fermented honey beverage. Bliss­point is headquartered in nearby Bedford, Mas­sachusetts. Ve­nuti uses local honey and fruits such as apples, ber­ries, grapes, and even kombucha as part of the fermentation process. Mead is naturally gluten free, which Venuti says makes it a great alternative beverage for those who may be sensitive.

According to Venuti, “We are in constant pursuit of the perfect beverage, sear­ching for that blisspoint, the perfect combination of flavors in the prefect proportions, to put the mouth and mind in a state where it cannot image anything better in that moment.”

Stop by their booth to sample their meads.

Dates at the market:
June 10, June 17,
July 1, July 15, July 29,
August 12, August 26,
September 9, September 23,
October 7, October 21