Winter News Update: It’s time to think of Spring. Is your green thumb twitching? Are you interested in native plants for your yard? Container planting on your balcony? Get tips on best veggies to grow in your yard’s condition? The Winchester Farmers Market Community Hub is sponsoring a new group that can share and grow, from experts to beginners – all are welcome. The group is called ‘Grow Local for the Planet‘.

Fred Yen, our market manager and ex. director, sent this from their start-up group:

Please come join fellow gardening enthusiasts. You are welcome whether you are a beginner or expert; whether you want to grow trees, native plants or veggies, to replace your lawn, attract pollinators or create a fruit orchard.

Our mission is to build a community of local gardeners in Winchester, to promote the enjoyment of gardening and being part of nature, growing healthy foods, and making our planet healthier one garden at a time.

Best practice gardening is about reciprocity between the gardener and the earth. You help rebuild life in the soil with water, nutrients, plants and your labor. In turn, you get satisfaction and joy from growing healthy foods and beautiful landscapes. You contribute to a healthier yard, town, planet, atmosphere. And you connect to and build community with fellow gardeners.

Come to our first monthly Zoom gathering on Wednesday, January 27 from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. and see what we can cultivate!  

Email Fred Yen at to tell us what you may be interested in and to get the zoom link.

apple on a tree