Market Programs

Market Programs

What is ready to eat?

Asparagus, Green and yellow beans, beets, carrots, chard, cucumbers, garlic scapes, greens, herbs, lettuce, scallions, snap and shells peas, pea shoots, potatoes, radishes, spinach, strawberries, turnips

WFM programs food Demo

Special Days and Events

We like to celebrate interests in the community with special days that feature entertainment and fun events during the market.

Special Day Schedule

Before Covid, we have had the Iron Chef Contest and Art in the Park in August,  Winchester Community Music School Day,  International Day, and Organizations Day in September.

Have an idea for a Special Market Day? Please contact us.

WFM music program

Live Music at the Market

Musicians are encourage to sign up to play. We pay musicians $50, plus donation basket will be provided for visitors and vendors to leave treats for you. Tent has access to electricity.

Every community has creative people who make art or crafts.

At the market, we offer a showcase to local craftspeople and artist in our community during our market season. Photography, tiles, clothing, accessories, ceramics, collages, prints, painting and more. All are members of WAN (Winchester Artist Network).

WFM programs- The kids table

The Kids Table is where nature, creativity and fun meet.

Using seasonal produce and fruits, young folks explore their creativity and learn a little about nature and the food it provides through a generous grant from the En Ka Society.  If other groups would like to participate in this program, we would love to hear from you.

Kids Table Schedule

To be schedule if OK’d by the Winchester Health Department.

The Community Group table at the market.

We like to promote our local organizations, their mission, and what they are doing in our area. Whether planting, getting out the vote, giving money to our schools, helping our hospitals and more. Here you can meet and find out how you can volunteer or participate in upcoming events.

The Chamber of Commerce

Meet  your local businesses and discuss how they may help you. Real Estate companies, clothing, bookstore, pet store, and more.