We hope you come to our last market on Halloween October 31st. We have Shukelele strumming and singing some of their toe-tapping songs from 10-12pm. Our farmers: E L Silvia, Grace Food Labs, Lanni Orchards, and Wright Locke Farm, bring their produce, fruits, and greens to the market. Copicut Farms has fresh organic meats and eggs (plus some herb mixes), Boston Sword and Tuna have sustainable seafood, for baked goods: OMG Bakery has bagels, challah bread, and english muffins (you can get a bagel with cream cheese), our local Mamadous Bakery has breads, cookies, and pasteries, Amir’s Natural Foods has his MiddleEastern baked breads, kibbi, spinach pie, hummus and other spreads, Del Sur Natural has empanadas frozen 6 packs, Roasted Granola has their delicious granola products, and don’t forget to shop at Tewksbury Honey with their award winning honeys – make great presents, Suenos Artisanal Chocolate made from Ecuadorean cacao, Drew’s Stews with his yummy soups, stews, and spreads.

We have local handmade masks by Jerry Upholstery, soy candles by Home Sweet Home, fair-trade Indian weaving and accessories by Aruna Designs.

Better World Boston: want to know how to reduce your household waste?
Home Works Energy: information about energy audits and how to make your home green and pay less for energy.

Collections boxes for non-perishables for the EnKa Pantry are at our tent.

Support Anna’s Fund. We have increased SNAP matching amount to $15 and have had an increased of SNAP recipients to our market. Please help those in need by donating to the Anna’s Fund.