The WFM Community

The WFM Community


We are a group of like-minded folks who enjoy volunteering and promoting local healthy foods, sustainability, food justice, businesses, organizing events and fairs, and being a hub to community.

At the farmers market, we find vendors, musicians, welcome folks to the market and answer questions, put up and take down tents, organize farm and vegetable garden tour, write articles, blogs and newsletters, create posters and other marketing materials, make films, foster networking and just have fun.

Fred Yen

Market Manager

The market was a seed of an idea when he presented the concept to the town in 2010. Now in its 11th year, Fred is the one who has managed it and expanded its vision.

Joyce Maxwell

PR & Photographer Volunteer

Joyce promotes our programs and events to the newspapers, connects with others, and takes great photos.

Margo Attaya

Marketing & Media Coordinator Volunteer

Margo oversees our websites, social media, and her one love is documenting our community and events via film/video.

Elena Varipatis Baker

Newsletter Volunteer

Elena makes sure you get the most up-to-date news about what’s happening at the market with our email newsletter.

Elisa Jazan

Entertainment Coordinator Volunteer

She keep the music going, making the market a lively place to shop and meet friends.

Amy Rindskopf

Kids Table Coordinator Volunteer

Amy’s great recipe – learning about produce + creativity = fun for kids at the Kids Table.

Terry Fuller

Market Crew Volunteer

He is ready to help in any way, plus he is a welcoming greeter to those who come to the market.

Sandy Thompson

Market Crew Volunteer

She is part of the crew that helps behind the scene and a warm beacon to the shoppers to welcome them in.

Sue Clark

Artists Coordinator Volunteer

Sue manages the WAN artists schedule for the market so we can meet local creators, buy local handmade crafts and art.

Sophie Farnhill

SNAP Market Intern

Intern for our SNAP program at the market, welcoming to all customers and visitors to the Market Tent.