Want to be a vendor at our 2023 Season Farmers Market?

It’s time to apply!
Our 2023 season starts on Saturday June 10 and ends October 28th. We are open every Saturday (rqain or shine) 9:30am-1:30PM at the Winchester common. Part time and full time vendor spaces are available, download the information and forms below, and send them to our Market Manager.

Thanksgiving Market at The Jenks

Our Thanksgiving Market will be held at the Jenks Center on Saturday, November 19th from 10am-2pm. All those who attend our Thanksgiving Market must provide proof of vaccination (this is a Jenks Policy). There is still be time to get your raffle ticket for the beautiful handmade quilt donated by Denise Konicek. The proceeds will…

Found in Translation

As the 2022 farmers market got underway, market manager Fred Yen could sense the frustration. Shoppers who spoke little English were finding it a challenge to communicate with vendors. Many of these shoppers were older Mandarin speakers, and they liked coming to the market; they were repeat customers. Fred wanted to smooth the experience for…

From Mother to Son to Granddaughter

Every Saturday, middle-schooler Nora Gupta helps her dad at the farmers market. Saurabh Gupta sells Indian masalas at the Mother’s Kitchen booth, the business that he owns. Saurabh says he invited his daughter to assist him because he enjoys time spent with his daughter. But with experience, Nora is becoming more like a partner in the enterprise. …

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Fresh Food

Henry David Thoreau

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of each. Grow green with the spring, yellow and ripe with autumn.”